The Best 2 Graduating Students at FUL Receive N1 Million Check Each

The top two graduating students who performed exceptionally well at the sixth and seventh convocations received checks for one million Naira apiece from the Federal University Lokoja.

The two exceptional students are Mariam Oiza Ibrahim from the Chemistry Department’s class of 2021/2022, and Zafirah Eneyamire Isah, the finest graduating student in the Accounting Department’s 2020/2021.

During the recently finished 6th and 7th convocations, Rt. Hon. Dr. James Faleke pledged the cash that were given to these exceptional students.

The Vice-Chancellor of Federal University Lokoja, Prof. Akinwunmi Olayemi, thanked Hon. Faleke for keeping his word during the cheque presentation. He stressed that other pupils would be inspired to study hard by this prize.

All students, including the male students, were urged to maintain focus and diligence by the Vice-Chancellor. He expressed his admiration for the two female recipients and encouraged them to keep striving for academic success.

Additionally, Prof. Olayemi counselled the recipients to make prudent use of their funds, advising them to think about funding their postgraduate studies. He also said that employment chances are extended by the university to its top postgraduate students upon need and if they maintain their high standards.

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Prof. Olayemi went on to say that the university will take graduates into consideration for jobs within the university system in the future. In order to increase academic competitiveness, he asked Hon. James Faleke to make this award an annual event.

The recipients of Hon. Faleke’s kind gesture were Zafirah Eneyamire Isah, the best graduating student in 2020/2021, and Mariam Oiza Ibrahim, the best graduating student in 2021/2022.

Joyous, Zafirah Eneyamire Isah prayed for Hon. Faleke and promised that the money would be used wisely. Mariam Oiza Ibrahim responded with joy, saying that the funds will allow her to further her education, and she thanked the benefactor for his assistance.

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