Governor Adeleke Reaffirms His Dedication to Transforming OSCOTECH and Other Universities

The governor of Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has reaffirmed his commitment to improving the facilities, staff, and curriculum of the state’s other educational institutions as well as the Osun State College of Technology (OSCOTECH), located in Esa Oke.

He noted that “the demand for quality education continues to rise” and that “it is our duty to ensure that our institutions are adequately equipped to meet these demands,” even if he acknowledged that the importance of education in transforming communities cannot be emphasised. During the OSCOTECH alumni reunion last Saturday in London, the visitor made this statement in his speech.

The governor went on to say that he understands the difficulties that the nation’s educational institutions are currently facing and that, in order to achieve the necessary sustained improvement in the education sector, cooperation between the public and private sectors is crucial.

He states that “the knowledge and skills acquired at the college have transcend borders through its alumni who are now making positive impacts on a global scale.” Education, he claims, is the cornerstone upon which progress is built, and that institutions such as OSCOTECH are essential in moulding the minds of future talents.

Apart from the fact that OSCOTECH is still a legacy left by his late brother of blessed memory, Alhaji Isaiaka Adeleke, the governor, represented by the chairman of the college’s governing council, Honourable Diran Odeyemi, stated that he believed in carrying on the work of those who came before him and taking care of any necessary upgrades and maintenance.

He emphasized, “I am also committed to finishing unfinished projects in our local government and throughout the state.””Your dedication and tireless efforts in bringing us all together, despite the distances that separate us, are commendable,” he remarked, thanking the reunion organisers and the OSCOTECH alumni who, he said, had come far and wide to attend the occasion.

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“Events like this serve as beacons of unity, reminding us of the bonds forged within those hallowed walls of OSCOTECH.”He explained that the purpose of the event was to honour the state’s development and accomplishments as well as the close ties that bind graduates to their former school.

He called on other college alumni who have achieved success in their different industries to work with them in this quest and urged former students to reconfirm their dedication to the principles that characterize them, which he described as integrity, excellence, and service to society.

“Your expertise, networks and resources are invaluable assets that can help elevate our educational system to new heights,” he said. Additionally, he exhorted them to support the state and the college’s goals by mentoring, collaborating, and offering more than just financial support.

Declaring in writing that “he is my representative and will ensure the smooth running of the college,” the governor named Hon. Diran Odeyemi, a prince from Ibokun, Osun State, as the head of the institution’s governing council.

He promised to support OSCOTECH without wavering in order to keep it a lighthouse of information, a centre for innovation, and an inspiration to everyone who enters.

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