NUC Approves 14 Programmes for Study in Iconic University

A total of 14 undergraduate degree programmes have received approval from the National Universities Commission (NUC) for the Iconic University. This important notification was made in a formal letter to the vice chancellor of Iconic University from the acting executive secretary of the NUC.

Background on the Approval

The NUC’s approval did not come effortlessly. It was the result of careful examination, which included an initial verification visit to the university by the commission. This visit’s primary goal was to evaluate the university’s available personnel and material resources and make sure they fulfilled the high requirements set by the NUC for the various programmes.

A List of the Approved Programmes

Here’s a comprehensive list of the degree programmes that made the cut:

  1. B.NSc Nursing Science
  2. B.Sc. Public Health
  3. B.Sc. Health Information Management
  4. B.Sc. Computer and Information Technology
  5. B.Sc. Software Engineering
  6. B.A. Islamic Studies
  7. B.A. English
  8. B.A. Arabic Studies
  9. B.Sc. Business Administration
  10. B.Sc. Public Administration
  11. B.Sc. International Relations and Diplomacy
  12. B.Sc. Accounting
  13. B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
  14. B.Sc. Mass Communication

What Does This Mean for Aspiring Students?

The approval by the NUC heralds the beginning of academic activities for the 2023/2024 academic session at Iconic University. Prospective students and parents can now be on the lookout, as the university will release admissions for these programmes in due course.


The NUC’s accreditation of 14 of Iconic University’s courses is a remarkable accomplishment. It confirms the institution’s dedication to upholding academic excellence and guarantees its students a rich educational experience. The number of courses available to those considering starting their academic path at this university has increased.

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