MAPOLY Alumnus says Conversion of Polytechnics to Universities is a Misplaced Priority

Chief Shina Luwoye, a graduate of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY), Abeokuta, has criticised the federal and state governments’ decision to turn polytechnics into universities as a misplaced focus.

This was said by Luwoye, the President of the Department of Accountancy’s 83/88 Set, at the foundation-laying ceremony for a future accounting building, which was conducted in Abeokuta over the weekend to commemorate the set’s 35th anniversary of graduation. He said that the nation needs graduates who can offer practical solutions to the difficulties facing the country.

The president of the 83/88 Accountancy Set bemoaned the loss of artisans and technicians in the nation due to the predominance of university education in society.

“This action of converting polytechnics to universities is a misplaced priority. Not everyone needs to go to the university. What we need in Nigeria’s economy is not a large number of university graduates. 80 per cent of those going to per cent university today don’t have to be in the university. What we need are artisans and professionals who can provide practical solutions to the nation’s problems.”

“Today in Nigeria, we are lacking professionals and technicians. You don’t have to go to university to become a journalist. You can go to the Nigeria Institute of Journalism, a monotechnic. Our people have a strong inclination towards university education.We are producing technocrats and administrators who end up working as civil servants. It is the industries that can make Nigeria great. The country must invest in technology-driven education that equips people with marketable skills.”

“If you have a BA or BSC in history, what value does the holder of such a degree have for us in society? How can such a person compare themselves with someone with a national diploma in building technology? A degree in history is not particularly useful in society. I’m not saying it’s not good to study history.”

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“University education is preparation for life. You need to acquire a skill that is marketable in the labour market, and that’s what polytechnic education is supposed to provide to drive the economy technologically, which is what we need.”

“Our policymakers consistently convert polytechnics to universities, and every community in Nigeria wants a university. However, we find ourselves in this situation. Despite almost sixty years of university education, we can’t maintain a car in Nigeria, we can’t launch satellites into space, and we can’t even govern ourselves,” he added.

Luwoye commended the institution’s management for its remarkable transformation and challenged them to find long-term solutions to the institution’s ongoing strikes.

Additionally, he urged the school’s students to refrain from taking any acts that would endanger their future.A theatre room and a lab for accounting students will be included in the proposed accounting building.

Dr. Adeoye Odedeji, the institution’s rector, urged for proper funding of polytechnics to maintain academic quality and thanked the 83/88 Alumni Set for suggesting to establish the accounting facility on the campus.

Dr. Oluwatoyin Madein, the country’s Accountant General of the Federation, was produced by the Set, and Odedeji praised the school for continuing to produce Higher National Diploma graduates who are Chartered Accountants before they graduate from the polytechnic.

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