The Mongabay Internship Program 2024 for Aspiring Environmental Journalists

Making an impact and cutting through the clutter in the media-saturated world of today is harder than ever. The Mongabay Internship Programme 2024 offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who are passionate about environmental journalism. Here is a detailed explanation of the program’s requirements and how to reserve your spot.

Overview of The Mongabay Internship

This special, hands-on experience is designed specifically for aspiring journalists who want to get acquainted with effective, fact-based environmental journalism. The Mongabay Internship Programme offers a six-month transformative journey rather than just another internship. It’s a place where interns are immersed in important conservation issues, work with seasoned journalists, and feel the excitement of having their work read by millions of people across the world.

During their tenure, interns are expected to:

  • Write approximately six news pieces spanning various conservation and environmental themes.
  • Collaborate closely with Mongabay’s seasoned journalists.
  • Obtain topics from Mongabay’s dedicated editorial team.
  • Receive comprehensive writing guidelines and constructive feedback ahead of publication.
  • Gain a deeper insight into Mongabay’s journalistic standards and processes.
  • Engage in bespoke one-on-one training sessions and mentoring by experienced editors.

Benefits of Being a Mongabay Intern

The benefits of this coveted internship extend well beyond conventional office perks:

  • High-Visibility Publishing: Experience the thrill of being published in a renowned news outlet.
  • Industry Insight: Delve deep into the journalistic procedures and programmes unique to Mongabay.
  • Community: Join a network of dedicated and talented writers and journalists.
  • Personal Growth and Skill Enhancement: This includes:
    • A personal induction and Q&A session via Skype with Mongabay staff.
    • Collaborations with various editors offering guidance and feedback.
    • Sharpening writing and interviewing abilities.
    • Bolstering your CV with noteworthy experience.
    • Earning letters of reference and personal commendations from Mongabay.

Eligibility Criteria

Mongabay is on the lookout for individuals marked by:

  • An articulate expression and fervent enthusiasm for environmental journalism.
  • Exceptional communication capabilities.
  • A proactive mindset and passion for eco-centric topics.
  • A receptive attitude, eagerness to learn, and adaptability.
  • Robust personal and professional ethics.
  • Innate problem-solving prowess.

Application Process

Applicants must ensure their submissions are in English and include:

  • A current CV.
  • A compelling cover letter detailing your interest and the distinctive values & skills you bring to the table for Mongabay.
  • Responses to motivation-related questions (found in the application form).
  • A writing sample from a personal journal entry or blog post (up to 600 words). Alternatively, you can opt to draft a writing piece inspired by one of the following articles:
    • Beyond the numbers: Human attitudes and conflict with lions (Panthera leo) in and around Gambella National Park, Ethiopia
    • Changes in the West African forest-savanna mosaic, insights from central Togo
    • Thismia kelabitiana (Thismiaceae), a new unique Fairy Lantern from Borneo potentially threatened by commercial logging
  • Optionally, an added writing sample of your choice (capped at 600 words).


For additional insights, check out the official Mongabay Internship page.

Application Deadline: 28th November 2023.

This internship serves as a launching pad rather than just a stepping stone. Take advantage of this chance to write intriguing environmental stories and see how your words influence the worldwide dialogue on conservation.

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