UNIABUJA has not conducted any illegal admission – management

The University of Abuja has been constrained to respond to recent reports in the media that the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has named the University, among others (curiously unmentioned), as being engaged in “illegal admissions” exercise because it failed to upload the list of its admission on Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS).  

The University of Abuja wishes to categorically and emphatically state that it has not conducted any illegal admissions, and has nothing to hide as far as its admission exercise is concerned. 

UNIABUJA has not conducted any illegal admission - management

It makes bold to state that, at the moment, the University has one of the best and most transparent systems of admission in the country. This, indeed, is the only federal university which catchment area is the whole of Nigeria, and truly and practically admits from all states of the country, while simultaneously upholding the principle of merit and excellence!

Our rules are clear and transparent. As long as candidates have taken the UTME, scored 180 and above, met the University’s cut off points and some other stringent criteria set by JAMB, the University ensures, within the limit of its capacity, that such candidates stand a chance of getting admitted.   

In other words, nobody who has not taken the UTME, nor failed to meet JAMB or University guidelines, can be admitted in the University of Abuja now.  

In any case, the University is familiar with the operation of CAPS, and has since, largely embraced it as part of its contributions to ensuring that the university system serves and protects the interest of all Nigerians in the search of quality tertiary education. For instance, the Merit List for the 2020/2021 admissions was proposed on CAPS and all queries issued on same were replied to accordingly. It is important to note that candidates have been directed to ensure that they upload their “O” Level results and accept their offer of admission on CAPS. This is the clearest proof, if any is needed, that the University is not opposed to or in violation of CAPS and what it represents. 

However, the University is careful that in following this operation, it is not hindered to effectively deliver the service for which it was created, in the first place. After all, it is not outside the powers of the University to conduct admissions of our students. The Universities Miscellaneous Provisions, (Amendment) Act 2003 7a (ii) states that “The Senate shall have powers in all academic matters including the organization and control, teaching and research, admission of students…” What this means is that the university, not any external body, is guaranteed the power of admissions. 

At this moment that the UofA is very cautiously, deliberately and efficiently working towards strengthening and perfecting its own system, it is in desperate need of all the cooperation and understanding it can garner from all well-meaning Nigerians and institutions.

Let us assure JAMB, candidates and relevant stakeholders in the Nigerian educational project that the University of Abuja is engaged in honest, transparent and open admissions in all its various programmes, and certainly, it will continue to uphold these virtues which have been its defining hallmark, especially in the last couple of years.  

 Dr Habib Yakoob

Head, Information and University Relations

University of Abuja

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