EKSU update on course registration and virtual teaching for 2019/2020 session

Following the decision of Senate and Management of the University. The DICT will like to bring the following to your attention and for your necessary action.

Closure of First semester course registration: 9th April, 2021

EKSU update on course registration and virtual teaching for 2019/2020 session

Closure of Second semester course registraion: 30th April, 2021

Late registration of Second semester with penalty: 17th April, 2021-30th April, 2021

Furthemore I wish to infom lecturers tha the e-leaming plafom is to be used for teaching students for the next (first) Six weeks of Second Semester.

Please engage the full deployment of the portal functionalities i.e. attendance with scoring, tests, and assignment.

Please do nd send lecture links and lecture material to students via third parties like what Sapp, telegram or Instagram Facebook etc. Engage only in virtual teaching via the university portal.

The following hotspots remain accessible to ledurers with power and free internet: The new Twin Lecture Conference halls, Faculties of Science, Agnic., and Engineering as well as the two large PG lecture rooms and Social Saenoes

The access of students to your internet bandwidth has received a boost thanks to the Vice Chancellor’s approval of the activation of the Old University Library transmission mast. Additional radios have been installed and these new “open air” access can be seen as EKSU WIFI S1; S2, S3, and S4

DICT shall continue to lend support to Lecturers and students facing any challenge as always.

Lecturers and students are therefore advised to note the above for compliance.

Thank you

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