BSU clarifies news on alleged assault on a student by the Vice Chancellor

The attention of the Vice-Chancellor Benue State University, Prof Joe Tor Iorapuu has been drawn to  a libellous, infuriating, injurious and totally conflicting comment purportedly made by one Alabama Joshua Gwebe alleging that the Vice-Chancellor this morning slapped a student in the premises of the University, who in his post ran mad as a result of the slap. We wish to state that:

1. The Vice-Chancellor was not even aware of the said presence of the allegedly slapped student on campus this morning.

BSU clarifies news on alleged assault on a student by the Vice Chancellor

2. That the altercations the said student who looked like a near mad person had with the school security was even without the notice of the Vice-Chancellor.

3. That the Vice-Chancellor was only briefed on the incident after the security had bundled the said student away from the car park of the Management staff of the university. 

4. That the university is with the collaboration of law enforcement agencies trying to find out the motive of the said student and what prompted his actions as we send in this report. 

5. The Vice-Chancellor was on a courtesy call at the time the purported incident took place and has been attending meetings which were earlier slated for today.

6. That the Vice-Chancellor will under no level of provocation physically engage anyone as it has never been characteristic of his character,  person or position. 

The general public is hereby advised to discountenance the said post as the imagination of the writer and nothing near the truth. The University frowns at the intended embarassment the author of the post wishes to bring to the reputation of the Vice-Chancellor and BSU in general. 

BSU authorities are investigating the situation and will make appropriate statements in due course.

T. Tser Vanger

(Information & PR Officer, BSU)

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