Abia state bans underage schooling, skipping of classes

The Abia State Commissioner for education, Dr. Kanelechi Nwangwa has announced a new government policy that frowns at underage schooling and skipping of classes. The commissioner made the disclosure during a stakeholders educational summit at Umuahia, Abia State, and averred that the new policy requires children to attain a certain age before they can be admitted into nursery, primary, and junior secondary school.

The new guidelines state that no child will be admitted into nursery school until they attain the age of three, which must run for three years (nursery 1, 2, and 3) between the ages of three and five years. Primary school pupils must have clocked the age of six before they can be admitted, and it is expected to be concluded at primary six before proceeding to junior secondary.

Abia state bans underage schooling, skipping of classes

The commissioner frowned at the practice where parents force their children through education, subjecting them to undue pressure. He said the new guidelines are meant to remove the unnecessary rush and pressure pupils may not be mentally prepared for.

He called on parents and school proprietors to understand the benefits of allowing children to pass through every stage of their education at appropriate age without forcing them to jump classes.

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