Gboko Polytechnic notice on resumption

The following decisions were taken by the School Management to day28th January 2021 after an emergency meeting in the School. 

1. School activities resume tomorrow 29th January 2021. 

Gboko Polytechnic notice on resumption

2. Time table has been reshuffled. Exams continue on Monday 1st February 2021. With the same papers that were disrupted yesterday.  

3. The Students that are aggrieved should meet their respective HODs and register their grievances, if possible in writing, for further action by the Management. 

4. Students should go to the bursary and pay their outstanding fees before going in for exams

5. Those whose permits were torn should bring evidence of school fees to the bursary and obtain another permit

6. All students should know that their future is in their hands, and as such, they should take it and never allow others to influence their thinking, knowing fully well where they come from.

e-signed: Management.

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