ATBU SUG notice on hostel booking

The Students’ Union Government under the leadership of Comr. Mu’azu A. Sagir (Alh.muazu) wishes to inform and make some clarifications to its fellow patriotic Balewites on some significant piece of information, as part of its efforts to ensure that Students are fed with proper information at a proper time for a proper purpose.


ATBU SUG notice on hostel booking

The Union has made a tremendous effort in consulting the University Management in regard to issues related to Students’ accommodation after considering the fact School is resuming and Students are in need place of residence necessitously. 

With that, All students that are eligible for hostel booking should note that the *Hostel booking will start tomorrow (27th January 2021) by 10:00 am prompt and will be on the basis of FIRST-TO-COME FIRST-TO-SERVE.* 

 Students should also note that, before booking for a hostel, it is mandatory as well as a prerequisite to fill an online COURSE REGISTRATION section as failure to fill the aforementioned items will result to the inability to book for an accommodation in the portal.

The booking can be done using the below portal (☑️)

Using your Registration Number and School Fees RRR as login details.

And not through the previously announced portal :- (❌)


Moreover, regarding the widely dissipated hearsay of merging of two set of Fresh Students; the SUG has worked tirelessly to ensure the authenticity of the rumor which is finally confirmed to be true but will be in a *blended format* (Virtual format).

The detailed official announcement will be made available whenever the processes are ready.

The Union gave an assurance to work indefatigably in order

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