ADSU notice to students on security within and around the campus

The University Security Committee at it’s meeting held on 21st January 2021 directed that the following information be published for students to note and take precautionary measures as they prepare to resume to school

1. The current security measures in Mubi includes restriction of movement of public Vehicles/ keke Napep from 7:00 pm 

ADSU notice to students on security within and around the campus

2. Students should desist from keeping late nights and where necessary, sleepover till the next day 

3. While on campus students are encouraged to read within the University Campus only, especially at night, while off Campus Students are encouraged to read in their places of abode in the night. 

4. Students are advised to desist from drug abuse, Cultism and other related vices.

5. Be cautious of the type of Vehicle you board and ensure that you go to designated Government approved Motor Parks

6. Be cautions of the driver, ensure he doesn’t over speed and beware of the other passengers and the person sitting beside you.

7. Be security conscious when boarding ” Keke Napep” within the town.

The University Management wishes all new and returning students safe return to the institution. 




                     25th January, 2021

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