FUTO SUG notice to students on security situation

Our attention has been drawn to notable crime events in Douglas and other significant areas of Owerri town majorly operated by students and diaspora.

These crimes tend to occur even more during the late hours of the day. 

FUTO SUG notice to students on security situation

Cases such as theft in unrecognized buses after boarding them as well as loss of valuable items by roadsides muggers.

Hence we urge all returning students to stay alert at all times.

Kindly take Note of the following:

1. The official and only recognized Futo park in town remains fixed at Onummiri, Mbaise road which takes students directly from town to School. Avoid boarding buses to school that are not recognized or not fixed at the official park

2. While boarding a bus back to school at the official park take note of the special Number attached to the front and back of the vehicle or plate numbers . This will be useful in reporting missing items or harassment from any driver.

3. Avoid putting on flashy things in late hours. Keep your phone and wallets out of sight.

4. The student union government, FUTO, have further emphasized the importance of the above hotlines to make your complaints, reports and suggestions known.

Lastly, All efforts are being put in place to ensure students are secured. As the States Security Operatives have been notified of recent developments and assurance has been given that security will be bolstered to protect students in these areas.

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