Coal City University academic calendar for 2020/2021 academic session

The management of the Coal City University (CCU) has released the academic calendar for the first and second semester, 2020/2021 academic session. Students are hereby informed that academic activities will run as indicated below;

CCU First Semester Academic Calendar

Coal City University academic calendar for 2020/2021 academic session

University opens for First Semester —- Monday 5th Oct. 2020

Academic Staff Retreat, Training on AcademicPractice, Self-Preparation and Recording of Lectures — Monday 5th Oct. to Friday 24th Oct. 2020

400 Level Students return to campus — Wednesday, Nov. 4th 2020

300 Level Students return to campus — Thursday, Nov. 5th, 2020

200 Level Students return to campus — Friday Nov. 6th 2020

Registration of Courses for Returning Students and faculty Induction Seminars for Returning Students —- Thursday 4th Nov. to Friday 6th November 2020

Lectures begins for the returning students — Monday 9th Nov. to 18th Dec. 2020

First Semester Inception Quiz/Lecture Free week —- Monday 14th Dec. to Friday 18th Dec. 2020

Christmas Break/ Students depart from campus —- Saturday 19th Dec. 2020 to Friday 8th Jan, 2021

Students return to campus —- Saturday 9th Jan, 2021

1st Semester Lectures continues for ReturningStudents —- Monday 11th Jan, 2021

Revision Week —– Monday 1st Mar to Friday 5th Mar 2021

1st Semester Examinations (Year 1, 2,3 & 4) — Monday 8th Mar to 19th Mar, 2021

First Semester Break begins for Students —- Saturday, 20th Mar, 2021

CCU Second Semester Academic Calendar.

Completion of Marking and submission of 1stSemester Exam Results to HODs —- Friday 26th Mar, 2021

Easter Sunday —– Sunday 4th Apr. 2021.

Students Return to campus —- Saturday, 10th Apr. 2021

2nd Semester Lectures begin for all students —- Monday 12th Apr. 2021

Departmental Board Meeting to Consider 1st Semester Examination Results — Wednesday 14th Apr. 2021

Faculty Board Meeting to consider 1st SemesterResults — Wednesday, 21st Apr. 2021

Senate meeting to approve 1st Semester Result —- Monday 26th Apr, 2021

Last day for the submission of 1st-semester students’ result to the Registry (Exams and Records)/Result Publication —- Friday, 30th Apr, 2021

2nd Semester Inception Quiz — Monday, 24th May 2021 to Friday, 28th May, 2021

Lectures continue —- Monday 31st May to Friday Jul 2nd, 2021

Deadline for the Submission of 2nd SemesterInception Quiz Results to HODs —- Friday 11th Jun, 2021

Revision week — Monday, 5th Jul 2021 to Friday, 9th Jul, 2021

2nd Semester Examinations (years 1 & 2) —- Monday 12th Jul. 2021 to Friday, 17th July, 2021

2nd Semester Examinations Continue (years 3 & 4) — Monday 19th Jul 2021 to 23rd Jul 2021

Thanksgiving Service to mark the end of the session — Friday, 23rd Jul. 2021

2nd semester Break (students depart university campus) —- Saturday 24th Jul. 2021

Completion of marking and submission of 2nd Semester examination results to the department — Friday 13th Aug. 2021

Department Board Meeting to consider 2nd Semester results —- Wednesday 11th Aug. 2021

Faculty Board Meeting to consider 2nd Semester results —- Friday, 13th Aug. 2021

Senate meet to approve 2nd semester result —- Wednesday 18th Aug. 2021

Last day for the submission of 2nd semester students’ result to the Registry (Exams and Records) —- Friday 10th Sept, 2021

Summary of CCU Academic Calendar.

First semester

Registration – 1 week

Academic Staff Training -3 weeks

Lectures – 12 weeks

Revision – 1week

Examination – 2 weeks

Total – 19 weeks

Second semester 

Registration – 0

Lectures – 12 weeks 

Revision – 1 week

Examinations – 2weeks

Total – 15 weeks

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