ABU bans use of knockout within the institution

After a thorough review of the security situation in the country and the recent security challenge in the University, Management has deemed it necessary to PROHIBIT THE USE OF KNOCKOUT in the Institution.

In line with the above, parents are hereby advised to warn their children/wards to strictly comply, as violators will be held responsible and shall be punished according to the law.

ABU bans use of knockout within the institution

Furthermore, the Management, has, as a result of the insecurity situation, decided to take security measures of opening and closing of the University’s Gates as follows:

  1. Main Gate: From 6am – 12:00 midnight
  2. North Gate: From 6am – 10:00pm
  3. South Gate: From 6am – 6pm
  4. Area III Gate: From 6am – 10pm
  5. NUGA Gate: From 6am – 6pm
  6. IAR Gate: From 6am – 6pm
  7. DAC Gate: From 6am – 6pm
  8. Area E’& ‘G’ Gates: From 6am – 6pm
  9. Area ‘G’ Crossbar: From 6am – 6pm
  10. Dolphin Crossbar: From 6am – 6pm
  11. Kudingi Crossbar: From 6am – 6pm 
  12. SiteII (A, B& C)Crossbar: From 6am – 6pm
  13. Chairman’s Lodge Crossbar: From 6am – 6pm 
  14. Dam Crossbar from 6:00am to 6:00pm: From 6am – 6pm

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