Student Jumped out of a Moving Car to Escape being Kidnapped

A student, Chijioke Ifeasinachi, has narrated how she jumped out of a moving vehicle to escape from kidnappers in Ikorodu, Lagos. The incident happened on November 16, when Ifeasinachi left Church at Agric Bus Stop on Ikorodu Road around 12:30pm and was going home. She boarded a car with three men- two in the front seat and one at the back of the cab while listening to music on her phone.

Trouble started when the driver stopped the car halfway and accused a passenger who was sitting beside Ifeasinachi of being in possession of dollars and threatened to report the said passenger to the police if he doesn’t give him a part of the money. Ifeasinachi sensing that taking the passenger to the police station meant changing routes from her destination, insisted on being taken to her busstop first. This however did not stop the driver from changing routes and that was when she became worried of a possible kidnap attempt. She quickly called her father on her cell phone while speaking in her native dialect of boarding a ”one chance” car as there are fondly called.

Student Jumped out of a Moving Car to Escape being Kidnapped

She beckoned on the driver to stop the car that she was no longer interested in continuing the trip. All this fell on deaf ears as the driver kept going. At this point, she started screaming and stuck out her head and hands through the window for help, then the passenger who sat beside her handed a gun to one of his colleagues. On sighting the gun, Ifeasinachi opened the car door and jumped out and escaped almost being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The kidnapers were chased down, caught and taken the police station.

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