FUGASHUA Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Session

FUGASHUA Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 session has been published. According to the calendar, This is to inform all students of Federal University Gashua that the academic activities for the 2019/2020 session have been scheduled to run s shown on the table below;

FUGASHUA Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Session

FUGASHUA Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Session


1Mon 4th Nov. 2019Sat 9th Nov 2019Registration of Returning Students1 Week
2Mon 11th Nov 2019Sat 16th Nov 2019Late Registration of Returning
5 Days
3Mon 11th Nov 2019Fri 23rd Nov 2019Registration of Fresh Students2Weeks
4Mon 11th Nov 2019Fri 20th Dec 2019Lectures (All Students)6 Weeks
5Sat 21st Dec 2019Sun 5th Jan 2020Mid-Semester Break2 Weeks
6Mon 6th Jan 2020Sat 15th Feb 2020Lectures (All Students)6 Weeks
7Wed 8th Jan 2020Thu 9th Jan 2020Matriculation & Orientation of New
2 Days
8Mon 17th Feb 2020Sat 22nd Feb 2020Revision1 Week
9Mon 24th Feb 2020Sat 7th Mar 2020First Semester Examination2 Weeks
10Mon 9th Mar 2020Fri 28th Mar 2020Marking/Faculty Board of Examiners3 Weeks
11Mon 30th Mar 2020Wed 1st April 2020Senate Business Committee Meeting3 Days
12Thursday 30th April, 2020Senate Examination Meeting1 Day
13Sat 7th Mar 2020Sat 21st Mar 2020End of First Semester Break2 Weeks


1Mon 23rd Mar 2020Sat 28th Mar 2020Registration of Students1 Week
2Mon 30th Mar 2020Tue 31st Mar 2020Late Registration with fine2 Days
3Mon 30th Mar 2020Tue 8th May 2020Lectures6 weeks
4Mon 9th May 2020Sun 24th May 2020Mid-Semester Break2 Weeks
5Mon 25th May 2020Sat 4th Jul 2020Lectures6 Weeks
6Mon 6th Jul 2020Sat 11th Jul 2020Revision1 Week
7Mon 13th Jul 2020Sat 25th July 2020Second Semester Examination2 Weeks
8Mon 27thJuly 2020Sat 15th Aug 2020Marking/Faculty Board of
3 Weeks
9Mon 17th Aug 2020Fri 21st Aug 2020Senate Business Committee Meeting5 Days
10Thursday 27th August, 2020Senate Examination Meeting1 Day
11Sat 25th July 2020Sun 20th Sep 2020Students Long Vacation8 Weeks
12Sat 22nd Aug 2020Sun 20th Sep 2020Academic Staff Annual Leave30 Calendar
13Monday 21st September, 20202020/2021 Academic Session Begins

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