Lady Who Promised to Be a Doctor After Her Dad’s Death, Finally Graduates as a Doctor

Nigerian lady, Cynthia Chizoba Okoye has fulfilled her dream of becoming a medical doctor following the demise of her father when she was a little girl.

The commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning in Anambra state; Mark Okoye, took to social media to celebrate his younger sister as he revealed she decided to become a doctor to help prevent people from dying after their dad passed away when she was 13 years old. He posted below; “I remember when dad died, you were 13 years old and you promised us that you’d study medicine to help prevent other families losing their loved ones prematurely.

Lady Who Promised to Be a Doctor After Her Dad's Death, Finally Graduates as a Doctor

Difficult times you experienced while writing your MCAT, getting into Tulane University Medical School and OF COURSE, surviving your residency program at John Hopkins University, they’ve all PAID off, darling. All through hard work, persistence, the never-say-die OKOYE attitude and prayers!

Congratulations Dr. (Ms.) Cynthia Chizoba Okoye, you deserve all the accolades baby. Even greater accolades reserved for our Mother who did it ALL by herself from 1991 till date”.

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