UNIMED Academic Calendar For 2019/2020 Session

UNIMED Academic Calendar for the 2019/2020 academic session has been published. The Calendar shows a breakdown of all academic events for the current academic session. The break down of academic activities for 2019/2020 session is as shown below;

First Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session

UNIMED Academic Calendar For 2019/2020 Session
1.Fresh Students come into ResidenceSunday 3rd November, 2019
2.Screening and Registration of Fresh StudentsMonday 4th November – Friday 8th November, 2019
3.Returning Students come into ResidenceSunday 10th November, 2019
4.Orientation Programme for Fresh StudentsMonday 11th November – Friday 15th November, 2019
5.Registration of Returning StudentsMonday 11th November, 2019
6.First Semester Lectures BeginMonday 18th November, 2019
7.Christmas BreakFriday 20th Dec. 2019 – Thursday 2nd Jan. 2020
7.Late RegistrationThursday 2nd January – Wednesday 5th February, 2020
8.2019/2020 Matriculation CeremonyThursday 6th February, 2020
9.End of First Semester LecturesFriday 28th February, 2020
10.One Week RevisionMonday 2nd March – Friday 6th March, 2020
11.First Semester ExaminationMonday 9th March – Saturday 28th March, 2020
12.First Semester BreakSunday 29th March – Saturday 18th April, 2020
13 weeks lectures 1 week revision 3 weeks examination 3 weeks of semester break

Second Semester 2019/2020 Academic Session

1Students Come into ResidenceSunday 19th April, 2020
2RegistrationMonday 20th April, 2020
5Second Semester Lectures BeginMonday 27th April – Friday 24th July, 2020
5Late RegistrationMonday 1st June – Friday 5th June 2020
6End of Second Semester LecturesFriday 24th July, 2020
7One Week RevisionMonday 27th – Friday 31st July, 2020
8Second Semester ExaminationMonday 3rd August – Saturday 22nd August, 2020
8Second Semester BreakSunday 23rd August – Sunday 17th October, 2020
13 weeks lectures 1 week revision 3 weeks examination 2 months of long vacation

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