Augustine University Academic Calendar, 2019/2020

The Augustine University Academic Calendar forbthe 2019/2020 session has been published. All regular degree students as well as JUPEB students of the universiy are hereby informed that the academic events for the 2019/2020 session will run as indicated below;

Augustine University Academic Calendar for 2019/2020 Session

Augustine University Academic Calendar, 2019/2020

A. Undergraduate (Degree)

Tues.24-Fri.27 September, 2019Staff Retreat
Wed.02 October, 2019Arrival of Returning/Direct Entry Students
Thur.03-Fri.04 October, 2019Orientation/Registration
Mon.07 October, 2019First Semester lectures begin for 200 level to 400 level Students
Mon.14 October, 2019Arrival of 100 level Students
Tue.15-Fri.18 October, 2019Orientation/Course Registration for 100 level Students
Mon.21 October, 2019First Semester lectures begin for100 level Students
Thur.24 October, 2019Maiden Convocation Ceremony
Thurs.31 October, 201938th Senate Meeting
Thur.28 November, 201939th Senate Meeting
Sun.15 December 2019 – Sun.5 January 2020Christmas Break
Sun.5 January 2020Arrival of All Students on Campus
Mon.6 January 2020First Semester lectures continue for all Students
Thur.30 January, 201940th Senate Meeting
Fri.31 January 2020 (14 weeks)End of First Semester lectures for 200 to 400 level Students
Mon.03-Fri 07 February, 2020 (15th week)Revision week for 200 to 400 level Students
Fri.14 February, 2020 (14 weeks)End of lectures for 100 level Students
Mon.10-Fri. 21 February, 2020First Semester Examinations for 200 to 400 level Students
Mon.17-Fri. 21 February, 2020(15th week)Revision week for 100 level Students
Thur.20 February, 2020Matriculation Ceremony
Mon 24 February-Fri. 06 March 2020First Semester Examinations for 100 level Students
Thur. 27 February, 202041stSenate Meeting
Thurs.19 March 202042nd Senate Meeting for consideration of First Semester Results
Mon.09-Sun 29 March 2020End of First Semester/Mid-session Break
Mon. 30 March 2020Second Semester lectures begins for all students
Thur.30 April, 202043rd Senate Meeting
Thurs.28 May, 202044th Senate Meeting
Thurs.25 June, 202045th Senate Meeting
Fri.03 July, 2020 (14th week)End of Second Semester Lectures
Mon.06-Fri.10 July 2020 (15th week)Revision Week
Mon.13-Fri.24 July 2020Second Semester Examinations
Thurs. 30 July, 202046th Senate Meeting
Thur.13 August, 202047th Senate Meeting for consideration of Second Semester Results/End of Session


Fri.01 November, 2019All Saints Day
Sat. 02 November, 2019All Souls Day
Sun.08 December, 2019Immaculate Conception
Fri.13-Sun.15 December, 2019Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat
Sun.15 December, 2019Christmas Carols/End of year break
Wed.26 February,2020Ash Wednesday
Thurs.19 March,2020Solemnity of St. Joseph
Fri. 10 April, 2020Good Friday
Mon.13 April, 2020Easter Monday
Fri.15-Sun.17 May, 2020Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat
Mon. 18-Sun. 24 May, 2020Proposed Students’ Week
Thurs. 21 May, 2020Ascension Day
Mon. 29 June, 2020Solemnity of SS Peter and Paul
Sat. 15 August, 2020Solemnity of the Assumption
Fri. 28 August, 2020Feast of Patron Saint, St. Augustine of Hippo


Tuesday 24th – Friday 27th September, 2019Staff retreat programme
Monday 30th September, 2019Resumption of JUPEB Students
Wed. 2nd October – Friday 4th October, 2019Orientation/Registration (JUPEB students)
Monday 7th October, 2019First Semester lectures begin for JUPEB students
Wednesday 30th October, 2019First Semester (CAT) I
Monday 9th December, 2019First Semester (CAT) II
Sunday 15th Dec. 2019 – Sunday 5th Jan. 2020Christmas and New Year Break
Sunday 5th January, 2020Return of JUPEB Students from Break
Monday 6th – Friday 10th January, 2020Revision for 1st Semester Lectures
13th – 17th January, 20201st Semester Examination
20th Jan-25th Jan, 2020Marking/Compilation and Processing of Results
20th Jan-31st Jan, 2020Inter semester Break
3rd Feb, 2020Second Semester Lectures Commences
4th March, 2020Second Semester (CAT) III
9th April, 2020Second Semester lectures ends
21st – 26th April, 2020Revision for Second Semester Examination
29th April, 2020Second Semester (CAT) IV
11th – 15th May, 2020Second Semester &MOCK JUPEB Examinations
18th May – 22th May, 2020Marking/Compilation and Processing of Results
18th May – 24th May, 2020Mid-Semester Break
Sunday 24th May, 2020Resumption from Mid-Semester Break
25th May – 5th June, 2020Revision for JUPEB Examination
7th june – 21st June, 2020JUPEB Examination (External Examination)
22nd June, 2020End of JUPEB Session
August, 2020Release of JUPEB Results (External)

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