Free Study And Work Visa Seminar


1. Are there scholarship opportunities?  
Full scholarship is not available and the one available are on merit basis. Scholarship application usually closes very early and you may need to apply as soon as possible 

2. When can I start admission? 
You can start right away by sending us your documents which are listed as follows

  1. For undergraduate
  2. Foundation
  3. Postgraduate
  4. PhD

3. Where is your office?   It depends on where you reside..We have offices in Lagos , Abua, Ibadan, Enugu & Ph 
Please refer to the list of office address 

4. Do I have to pay anything?
No all our services are free

5. What help UKEAS will render on Visa Assistance 
a. Prepare student students for credibility interviews 
b. Financial document checks 
c. Opportunity to network with other students going to same institution 
d. Immigration history check in case of past refusals 
E. CAS compliance check 
F. and loads of other benefits

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