Free Online Tools Best for Citation and Bibliography

When doing research papers, it is mandatory to do citation. There are different citation styles, such as MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA. These styles are used to give accreditations to another person whose work you have used. When you cite correctly, it is a show of respect for that person’s work. All the same, not everyone can adequately do citation, and that is why there are technological tools specially designed to do it for you.

Free Online Tools Best for Citation and Bibliography


The following are some of the best citation and bibliography tools:

  • Citation machine

It is one of the most accessible tools to use. It offers a vast variety of citation styles. It can help students cite references in all the major citation styles such as Chicago, Harvard, APA, and MLA. It also offers other citation styles arranging up to more than 1000.

If you are not familiar with how to cite, the tools offer free guidelines on how you can do it. When you subscribe on their premium platform, you will access their plagiarism checker feature. The tools assist you in citing many sources such as magazines, books, etc.

  • Citelighter

Citelighter is a citation tool and also a writing aid for students. This tool helps you to generate bibliographies automatically. It saves you more time to concentrate on writing. You also get various templates to help you organize your work effectively. It has a comprehensive package of citation styles like APA, Harvard, and MLA. Most of the best essay writing service companies use this tool for citation.

  • Citavi

This tool can be used for multiple purposes on online bibliography and citations. It can also be used as a reference and task manager. The tool can be used for the following purposes:

  • Offers a variety of referencing options

The tool features about 35 choices you can choose, either manual or automatic referencing such as PDF referencing.

  • Used to knowledge management

The key wording and hierarchical options help students in organizing their thoughts for easy referencing and writing.

  • Research management

The tool can help you in importing and exporting different sources. It can also be used to assign work to your team while managing content.

  • Citefast

This citation tool offers three citation styles, which include MLA, APA, and Chicago. It has a simple interface with all the original citation and bibliography functions. You can cite different sources of both digital sites and printed. You will also get general tips on how to do proper citations for absolutely free.

  • CiteThisForMe

It is a free online tool for referencing and a bibliography with a variety of features. The tool has a very functional layout accessible to each of its features. The tool also offers different sources for referencing on various citation styles. You can also edit using the tool. You can access the plagiarism feature on subscription.

  • Zotero

It is a tool that helps you gather information, manage it, and be able to share it with relevant people. If you embed this plug-in, you will be able to store all digital sources on in a designed library. It offers all the assistance you need at absolutely free of charge, and you do not need any membership to use its features.

  • EasyBib

It is a free online referencing and bibliography that offers a practical way to students. You get access to different sources of both digital and prints. It has more than 58 sources of content. The sources range from a journal, newsletters, books, and live recordings.  Even though other online tools depend entirely on automated citations, you can manually opt to cite your documents references and include annotations. All the features on EasyBib are free.

  • RefDot

RefDot is a Google Chrome extension tool, offered at absolutely free. It allows you to cite from different sources such as websites, journal, newsletters, and books. All references are being stored in the Google account browser. There are a variety of features such as HTML format viewing, XML, The standard text, and an author management tool.

  • OttoBob

OttoBob is a tool specially used for book sources. Although currently, most information comes from digital publications, this tool conveniently cites from book sources. The tool enables you to reference content by providing an ISBN of a book they utilized. It uses about six citation styles, which include Bibtex, Turabian, MLA, Chicago, and MLA.

Online citations and bibliography tools provide effective assistance to students to acknowledge those whose work they have used. Most importantly, these features are offered for free, which is economically friendly for you. You may also want urgent citation services, which can be done by experts at affordable rates.

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