Kogi State University Starts War Against Indecent Dressing

Kogi State University

Kogi state university has set a university task force to wage war against improper and indecent dressing. This committee has been set up a long time by the school management but has not be effective. This has been made known to all students through the students’ Handbook. The students handbook kicks against indecent dressing.

The committee commenced work early this morning from the faculty of social sciences where they single handedly fished out most students who dressed indecently. There students were wearing crazy jeans, tinted hair, transparent clothes, long rope ladies sandals and off-shoulder clothes.

Kogi State University Starts War Against Indecent Dressing

This committee informed the students that they have come to stay in order to wage war against indecent dressings.. They warned students to stop dreesimg indecently or be embarrassed and publicly disgraced and henceforth all proper dress code will be followed and inspected thoroughly.

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