JAMB Mock Exam Questions for 2019 UTME

The 2019 Mock exam generally, seems to have been a successful one going by the updates we’ve received so far on the JAMB 2019 Mock Exam Live Updates thread. Based on demands from candidates who did not parctipate in the JAMB mock exam, we are creating this thread to capture some of the questions that were asked in the mock exam.
The purpose is to give candidates fresh ideas on the kind of questions to expect during the main exam annd motivate them towards stepping up their preparation towards the main exam that begins April 11th, 2019.
JAMB Mock Exam Questions for 2019 UTME
We urge candidates who participated in the mock exam to share the questions they came across on each of the subjects on the comment section.
Please ensure you comment only the questions you came across during the mock examination. Also, specify the Subject the question falls under before posting your comment.
If possible, you can go ahead to provide the options that were given for each of the questions so other candidates can try to proffer solutions as well
Remember to keep it real and as simple as possible!

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