ADSU Academic Calendar For Conclusion of 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 Session

Adamawa State University, ADSU Academic Calendar for the conclusion of 2nd Semester 2017/2018 and that of the 2018/2019 Academic Session has been published.  The details of the academic events are as outlined below;
Second Semester 2017/2018 Academic Session
ADSU Academic Calendar For Conclusion of 2017/2018 and 2019/2020 Session
i. Resumption for the semester  – 27th March, 2019
ii. Revision/SUG Week – 27th March to 1st April, 2019
iii. SUG Election – 2nd April, 2019
iv. Second Semester Examinations – 3rd April to 30th April, 2019
First Semester 2018/2019 Academic Session
i. Resumption/Registration of new students – 29th April to 11th May, 2019
ii. Late Registration for new students – 13th to 18th May, 2019
iii. First Semester Lectures for new students – 29th April to 29th July, 2019
iv. Matriculation – 20th May, 2019
v. Resumption/Registration for returning students – 11th to 25th May, 2019
vi. Late Registration for returning students – 27th May to 1st June, 2019
viiFirst Semester Lectures for returning students – 10th June – 31st August, 2019
viii. Revision – 2nd to 7th September, 2019
ix. Firs Semester Examination – 9th to 28th September, 2019
v. First Semester Break – 30th September to 5th October, 2019
Second Semester 2018/2019 Academic Session
i. Resumption (All students) – 7th October, 2019
ii. Second Semester Lectures – 8th October to 16th December, 2019
iii. SUG Week/Election – 17th to 21st December, 2019
iv. Christmas Break – 22nd December to 5th January, 2020
v. Resumption/Lectures – 6th to 18th January, 2020
vi. Revision – 20th to 25th January, 2020
vii. Second Semester Examinations – 27th January to 17th February, 2020
viii. Semester Break – 18th February to 9th March, 2020
ix. Resumption of New Session (2019/2020 Session) – 10th March, 2020.

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