Apply: WISE Accelerator for Education Technology Projects 2019

All education projects that use or link technology to their DNA are encouraged to apply!

Application Deadline: 30th April 2019
Eligible Countries: All

About the Award: The WISE Accelerator is a program designed to support the development of innovative projects in the field of education. Selected projects receive the guidance and expertise of qualified mentors and partners who provide effective strategies and practical support for their further development. Each year, five projects are selected to join the one-year program, during which time they benefit from tailor-made mentorships to address their specific needs. In addition, the WISE Accelerator assists the selected projects to connect with an international network and create opportunities to share knowledge and find support among donors and investors.

The WISE Accelerator supports innovative projects that have a high potential for:

  • scalability
  • a positive impact in education Projects addressing education challenges through the use and/or design of technology in all sectors and regions are welcome to apply.

Projects in this particular field may cover a wide range of activities. From the conception of apps and digital games to the creation of online platforms or the design of new curricula and pedagogies integrating technology, all education projects that are using or linking technology to their DNA are invited to apply.
Type: Entrepreneurship

Eligibility: Ideal candidates for the WISE Accelerator will be existing projects at an early stage of development, with the following attributes:

  • Established for at least two years;
  • A significant and growing number of beneficiaries or customers;
  • A record of activities with a product or service that has been successfully implemented and beyond proof of concept;
  • Existing, stable revenues, and new opportunities for growth;
  • A dedicated team, with an established physical space or office;
  • Deep knowledge of the market/education context and of their beneficiaries’ or customers’ needs;
  • Clear future objectives and motivation to develop further;
  • Good understanding of the project’s current challenges in scaling.
Projects from all sectors and regions of the world are invited to apply for the WISE Accelerator.

Selection Criteria: The WISE Accelerator Committee, composed of leading experts in education and social entrepreneurship, will conduct a rigorous selection process.

Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:
    • Solution and innovation;
    • Strategy and management;
    • Development beyond proof of concept, and potential for growth

Number of Awards: Not specified

Value of Program: The year-long program is designed to assess and meet project needs as fully and precisely as possible in order to bring them to the next stage of successful development.
Duration of Program: 1 year
How to Apply: APPLY NOW
Visit Program Webpage for details

Award Provider: Project WISE

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