UNLEASH Innovative Lab 2019 for Young Changemakers (Fully funded to Shenzhen, China)

Are you a young change-maker? Do you have a talent for sustainability and passion for the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Then you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to be one of the 1,000 UNLEASH talents who will collaborate on solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Application Deadline: 18th April, 2019, 23:59:59 SST
Eligible Countries: International

To be taken at (country): China

About the Award: UNLEASH is a global innovation lab, which gathers 1,000 top talent annually from all over the world to collaborate on solutions to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2019, UNLEASH will be held in Shenzhen, China from November 6-13
Type: Entrepreneurship
Eligibility: UNLEASH accepts top talents typically aged 20-35.

Successful applicants will excel across 5 general criteria.

  • Demonstrated passion and commitment to solving one of the world’s pressing challenges;
  • Possession of a creative and innovative mindset;
  • Willingness to engage in co-creation with peers and experts;
  • High proficiency in English with the ability to engage in complex discussions and 
  • Bonus: working in the field in a global context.

Selection Criteria: The profiles UNLEASH is looking for are:
Entrepreneur: Recently launched/or considered launching start-ups, organizations or campaigns at a very early stage (both non- and for-profit).

Intrapreneur: Improved or changed entities, e.g. through R&D, business development or organizational changes.
Academic: Top class academic with in-depth content knowledge, e.g. via courses, research projects or a Ph.D.

Technical expert: Possess skills, tools and know-how (e.g. with engineering, design or finance) enabling development of physical or software-based solutions.
Number of Awards: Not specified
Value of Award: UNLEASH covers all expenses for travel, accommodation, curriculum, and activities and provides you with a new toolset for how to innovate, create impact at scale and collaborate with experts, mentors, and facilitators from all over the world.
Duration of Programme: November 6-13 2019
How to Apply: Learn more and apply

  • It is important to go through all application requirements on the Programme Webpage (see link below) before applying

Visit Programme Webpage for Details

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