5 Tips for Effective Note Taking While You Study

Have you found yourself wondering about how to take notes effectively as you study your textbooks for the forthcoming UTME or any exam at all? Here are 5 tips that will help.
1. The Type of Questions 
5 Tips for Effective Note Taking While You Study
Before you start studying your textbook, you’ll need to find out the question format of the exam you’re about to take, that is, the way the questions will be structured. This will help you be define the specific information you need to focus on while reading your textbook.
For example, the UTME questions are mutiple choice, and this type of questions require you to remember a lot of facts and details, so you will need to focus on terms and definitions. 
2. Read the Textbook
You need to read the textbook before making notes. Get an overview of the material by reading the headings, chapter summary, and the chapter questions. This will help you know the information you need to pay attention to as you study. 
3. Underline or Hightlight. 
As you read along, highlight and underline the most revelent points in each paragraph, which are likely to appear in the exam. Make sure you don’t highlight too much, just stick to important points, terms, definitions.
4. Summarize
Summarize chapters in your own words using the chapter headings and sub headings from the textbook, as well as use of bullet points to note important facts and definitions. 
5. Visual Representation
Representing information with visuals like graphs, maps, chart and drawings can help make abstract and difficult concepts more understandable and welcoming, as well as make learning more effective and long lasting. 

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