10 Tips to Get Mentally Prepared for JAMB

Negative attitudes to examinations such as doubt, anxiety, procrastination, can greatly affect your performance under examination conditions. Here are some tips for getting your mind right for JAMB.
Study Past Questions
10 Tips to Get Mentally Prepared for JAMB
Overcome the fear of the unknown by studying past questions to get a realistic idea of what to expect. You can download one of the best JAMB CBT Mobile App (for android mobile phones) and JAMB CBT Software (for Desktops and Laptops). Both of them have over 40000 past questions and answers.
Learn From Your Mistakes
Many students are very afraid of making mistakes. However, mistakes are an inevitable element of exams. Learn from your mistakes as you practice past questions by refusing to see failure as the end, but as a necessary feedback for improvement.
Organise Your Notes
Break down your written material. Having too much to read can be unattractive. Summarize your notes, make use of charts, diagrams, bullet points.
Make Time for Sleep
To work effectively, you need to rest. It can be hard to get some sleep when you have been studying all day or feeling stressed, but it is better to get to sleep at a reasonable hour and wake up early than to stay up for that extra hour. A young adult requires at least seven to nine hours of sleep.
Get a Study Partner
Two heads are better than one. It’s a good idea to find someone who’s in the same examination boat as you. You and your study partner will be accountable to one another, and it makes revision more interactive and enjoyable.
Exercise Regularly
Choose whatever activity you enjoy most. Going for a walk, jogging, running, swimming. Exercising helps to reduce stress levels and make you happier. Exercising gives you more energy and jumpstarts your brain for a good study session, it is reduces the stress you feel about the exam.
Snack Up (Healthy)
Eat delicious but nutritious snacks. Munch on nutrient-rich snacks that will provide your body with important nutrients like vitamin E and vitamin K that are linked to boosting brain power.
Eliminate Distractions
Phones can be a very big distraction, so be sure to put your phone on silent mode and keep it far from you, you should also turn off your internet access. It’s totally natural for your mind to drift, take a deep breath when you’re about to get distracted, then calmly bring yourself back to the task.
Think Positive Thoughts
If you feel good internally as you prepare for your exams, the chances of performing well are increased. Take time before exams to fill your mind with positive thoughts that will encourage you and get you fired up for action.
Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself
You can only do the best you can, with what you’ve got right now. Exam stress is often the result of worrying about making mistakes. Accepting that there will always be room for improvement, and perfection doesn’t exist in anyone can help you ease up the tension. 
Good luck, you’ll do great! 

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