Lagos State Launches Helpline to Report Carnal and Domestic Abus

The Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Education, Mrs. Olubunmi Adekanye, speaking at the 2019 Commonwealth Day celebration on Monday, said the pupils should not hesitate to dial *6820# to report carnal abuse against them or others.
She said that the helpline had just been launched and calls will be taken very seriously when recieved, and will be thoroughly scrutinized. Hence, she warned the pupil not to call it for fun. 
Lagos State Launches Helpline to Report Carnal and Domestic Abuse
The theme for the 2019 Commonwealth Day was “A connected Commonwealth” and pupils from the six education districts of the state competed through various performing art forms (drama, dance, poetry, choral, and fashion parade) for laurels at the event.
Pupils of Oke Odo Senior High School, Ile-Epo, in Education District One were awarded the overall prize for their drama which portrayed how the countries in the commonwealth were disconnected because of lack of respect of each other’s culture, languages, or racism.
Education District Four came in second place with their Atilogu Dance, which featured a brief parade of other countries while Education District Three was came third with their colourful fashion parade of the national attires of the various countries that make up the commonwealth.
Director, Co-curricular Services, Mrs Marion Babs-Akineyeye, said the Commonwealth Day competition was an avenue for the ministry to nurture various talents in the young ones.

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