UNILAG Releases Programme of Events for the 2018 (50th) Convocation Ceremony

The University community, general public, parents, guardians and, in particular, the 2017/2018 graduating students are hereby informed that the 2017/2018 Academic Session Convocation Ceremonies have been scheduled as follows:
Wednesday, 27th March 2019     
UNILAG Releases Programme of Events for the 2018 (50th) Convocation Ceremony
Event A:   –               Pre-Convocation Press Conference
Addressed by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin T. Ogundipe, FAS
Time:                        –               10.00 a.m.
Venue:                      –               Senate Chamber, 2nd Floor, Senate House, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos
Monday, 1st April 2019
Event A:    Opening of Exhibition
Venue:  Senate Car Park, Opposite J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium
Time:  –    10.00 a.m.
Event B: Convocation Lecture
Guest Lecturer–  His Excellency, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, GCON. Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria
Lecture Title    “Nigeria Rising: The Path to Prosperity”
Chairman:     Prince Arthur Eze
Venue:    J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium
Time: –11.00 a.m.            
Event C:   – Luncheon with the Doyen
 Venue:   Senate Lounge, 1st Floor Senate House
Time:  –   2.00 p.m.
Event D:   –  Chancellor’s Reception          
Time:    7.00 p.m.
Venue:     Chancellor’s Lodge, University of Lagos, Main Campus, Akoka, Lagos.
Date:  –Tuesday, 2nd April 2019
Event A:  – Congregation for the Award of First Degrees,                                                                                Diplomas, Certificates and the Announcement of Prize winners for  graduating students of Faculties of:
Morning Session   (9.00 a.m.)   Education and Social Sciences.
Afternoon Session (1.00 p.m.)  Arts, Environmental Sciences and Science.
Venue:     –  J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos, Main Campus, Akoka, Lagos.
 Event B:  – Unilag Alumni Association Edutainment
 Time:    6.00 p.m.
 Venue:  Open Field Sports Centre, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos.
 Date: –     Wednesday, 3rd April 2019
 Event A: – Congregation for the Award of First Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and the                                                        announcement of Prize winners for graduating students of Faculties & Institute:
Morning Session   (9.00 a.m.)  Engineering, Law, Management Sciences
Afternoon Session   (1.00 p.m) Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Dental Sciences, Pharmacy, Distance Learning Institute (DLI)
Venue:          J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos
Event B:  –       Alumni Reception
Time:  –       6.00 p.m.
 Venue:        Tolu Odugbemi Hall, University of Lagos, Akoka
 Date:   –     Thursday, 4th April 2019
Event A:   –     Congregation for the Award of Postgraduate Diploma and Master Degrees of the
School of Postgraduate Studies.
Venue:      J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos
Morning Session –     9.00 a.m.
Event A:   Congregation for the Award of PhD Degrees as well as Best Researcher Award of the School of Postgraduate Studies and  Conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degrees, Emeritus Professorship & Distinguished Professorship
 Afternoon Session         –     1.00 p.m.
Venue: –      J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium
Event B:    –       Convocation Play                                   
 Time:    –        6.00 p.m.
 Venue: –       J. F. Ade. Ajayi Auditorium, University of Lagos
Title: –       THE WARRIOR-KING
based on Sophocles’ Oedipus and Ola Rotimi’s Odewale.
Directed by Dr. Lekan Balogun                                         
Date:                           –          Friday, 5th April 2019
Time:                           –          10.00 a.m.
Venue:                         –          Jelili Omotola Hall, University of Lagos
 Chairman:               –          Hon. Ousainou Darboe, Vice President of the Republic of Gambia.              
Payment procedure for ALL graduating students for the collection of Complete Academic Outfit (Gown, Hood & Cap),
Certificate Folder and Convocation Brochure.
Academic Outfit First Degree Masters Degree, PGD, M.Phil Doctorate Degree
Convocation fees payable either in attendance or not N 10,000.00 N 15,000.00 N/A
Hiring of Academic Outfit N 5,000.00 N 5,000.00 N/A
Refundable fees on Hired  Academic Outfit N 2,500.00 N 2,500.00 N/A
Outright Purchase of Academic Outfit N 15,000.00 N 20,000.00 N 40,000.00
Academic outfits should be returned on or before Friday, 15th, June, 2018. All graduants are expected to collect their certificates within three months after convocation. Failure to, collect will attract a demurrage of N50 per day.
Academic outfits will be available at the College, School of Postgraduate Studies, Faculties, and the Distance Learning institute.
Procedure for payment
Bank                                                                                                  Account Name                 Platform   
Graduating Students are to pay for academic                               University of Lagos TSA       Through Remita
outfit, brochures and certificates by accessing the University
website (www.unilag.edu.ng), complete the form
under Unilag payment portal (student category).
Thereafter, students are to proceed to any bank of their choice with
the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) generated, for payment as appropriate.
Copies of bank teller and payment advice bearing bank confirmation should
be taken to the Faculty for gown collection.
Alumni Registration Fee to be paid into UNILAG Alumni Association:
United Bank for Africa (UBA) A/C:                                                                                  1000034082
WEMA Bank Plc A/C:                                                                                                      0121188199
ECOBANK Plc A/C:                                                                                                         1962000847
ACCESS Bank Plc A/C:                                                                                                   0043655942
GTBANK Plc A/C:                                                                                                             0019787148
First Degree (N2,000.00); Postgraduate (N2,500.00) 
Each graduating student is entitled to two invitation cards.  The invitation cards and a complete set of the academic outfit made up of gown, hood, cap and scroll, would be available for collection on presentation of receipt/teller for payment at the College/School/Faculty/Institute as appropriate. Convocation Brochure and Academic outfit are to be collected at the various locations earlier mentioned. Graduants should attend the convocation at the time allotted to them.
N.B: Graduating Students are expected to complete their registration seven (7) days to the convocation ceremonies, indicate their interest to attend and comply with car park instructions.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Oluwatoyin T. Ogundipe, FAS on behalf of the entire University community congratulates all graduating students. Please be assured that certificates would be ready for collection immediately after each ceremony upon the presentation of ALL necessary clearance.
Wishing you all blissful ceremonies.
 Oladejo Azeez, Esq.
 Registrar & Secretary to Council

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