LASPOTECH Unveils Invented Devices

The School of Engineering, Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) has unveiled unique machines, and technological devices. The devices were designed and produced by the agricultural and bio-environmental, mechanical and electrical/ electronics departments.

The inventions include motorised car jack, motorised melon seed shelling machine, manure drier, multi-purpose fruits extractor, and multi-purpose trashing. Others are: cleaning machine, pneumatic can crusher, microcontroller traffic light, turmeric slicing machine, break wear test rig and sensor for tricycles and de-feathering machine, as well as chicken slicer machine, among others.
LASPOTECH Unveils Invented Devices
The Dean of School of Engineering, Michael Ashaolu, during a media tour of the workshop said the innovations were borne out of necessity to right certain inadequacies in the available technologies in the society and when subjected to mass production and industrial plants, would lead to massive reduction in importation of less effective devices from the West and China.
Mr Ashaolu spoke on the de-feathering machine, which makes it easy for people to de-feather chickens.The machine is capable of de-feathering 5 Kg of fowls within a period of 15 minutes. He also spoke on the pneumatic can crusher, which was developed to crush aluminum waste cans by 80% size reduction for easy transportation for recycling purposes, and aimed at reducing environmental pollution in the society.

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