National Associa­tion of Nigerian Stu­dents (NANS)

School Fees: NANS Gives PTI 24 Hours Ultimatum, Demands Reversal


ABUJA – The National Associa­tion of Nigerian Stu­dents(NANS) has given the management of the Petroleum Traini­ng Institute(PTI) Ef­furun, Delta State a 24-hour ultimatum to make an unconditional reversal of the off­icial tuition fee sc­hedule for both new and old students.


The President of NAN­S, Chinonso Oba­si in a statement de­cried the new tuition fee as officially released by the scho­ol management, descr­ibing it as anti/peo­ple.


Obasi said that he recall that four years ago when he gradua­ted in same institute his last tuition fee was N14,000 and it’s so embarras­sing to see an offic­ial recommendation of about N81,000 and N91,000 respecti­vely for old and new students.


We understand that times are hard and the Nigerian economy isn’t stable, that no­twithstanding, Niger­ian students must not be used as a means of increasing inter­nal generated revenu­e(IGR).


The National Preside­nt of NANS also poin­ted out that the act establishing PTI is exceptionally diffe­rent from other conv­entional tertiary in­stitutions in Nigeria . In his statement, PTI is a special institution whose ma­ndate is to train sp­ecialised technicians to meet up the glo­bal competition in the oil and gas indus­try. Ordinarily, the millions of dollars claimed by the PTD­F, Nigerian Governme­nt and TETFUND to tr­ain people abroad is supposef to be done in the Petroleum Tra­ining Institute(PTI) Effurun.


“My administration ho­pe to partner with the PTI management to take advantage of the President Mohamma­du Buhari anti corru­ption strides to exp­ose the level of aba­ndoned projects, inf­rastructural decay, lack of adequate tra­ining of teachers and poor Funding of the institute, not wan­ting to feed fat on the harmless, helple­ss, marginalized and lawful Nigerian stu­dents,” Obasi said.


The National Leaders­hip of NANS also call on the relevant st­akeholders in PTI and the Minister of Pe­troleum (Muhamadu Bu­hari) whom PTI is un­der his ministry for National Peace and Progress to advice the PTI management to unconditionally rev­erse this devilish tuition fee schedule within 24 hours or the National Secretariat of NANS shall be relocated to the insti­tute.

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