Microsoft/Cambridge PhD Scholarships in Africa, Europe & the Middle East 2017

Application Timeline: Application Opens: 1st September, 2016

Application Closes: 26th September 2016
Notification of results: Stage 1 ~ By the end of October 2016
Stage 2 ~ By the end of December 2016

Offered annually? Yes

Brief description: Microsoft Research Cambridge PhD Scholarship Programme in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) to be taken at students country of study

Accepted Subject Areas: The courses are:

Computational Science
Computer-Mediated Living
Constraint Reasoning
Machine Learning and Perception
Online Services and Advertising
Programming Principles and Tools
Systems and Networking

About Scholarship:

The Microsoft Research PhD Scholarship Programme in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) was launched in 2004 and has so far supported more than 200 PhD students from more than 18 countries and 51 institutions. Each year by September, PhD supervisors from academic institutions in EMEA are invited to submit their proposals for collaborative research projects with Microsoft Research Cambridge. Applications are then peer reviewed and approximately 20 projects are selected for funding. PhD students are appointed to the selected projects and begin their research in the following academic year under the supervision of their academic supervisor, with co-supervision from a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Scholarship Offered Since: 2004

Scholarship Type: Research PhD Scholarship.

Selection Criteria:

Following receipt of the applications, each is carefully reviewed by expert researchers from universities and Microsoft Research. Among the best proposals, those which are most closely related to the research carried out at Microsoft Research in Cambridge are selected.

Eligibility: Only PhD supervisors should apply. If their project is selected, the supervisor has until 31 March 2017 to find the best possible student for the project; otherwise, the PhD Agreement will be terminated automatically. Only applications from institutions in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will be considered

For an application to be considered, the following key requirements apply:

The institute agrees to the terms and conditions in the MRL Term Sheet.
The applicant must be in dialogue with the prospective Microsoft supervisor prior to the submission deadline and jointly drafting the proposal.
The proposed research must be closely related to the research topics listed above carried out at Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

Number of Scholarship: 20

Scholarship Benefits: Each Microsoft scholarship consists of an annual bursary up to a maximum of three years. The monetary value of the award varies by country to reflect local differences in costs and overheads. Payment is made directly to the institution. The amount of the scholarship is the maximum amount Microsoft Research pays to the institution. In addition, every Scholar receives a fixed hardware allowance and conference allowance.

Duration: Maximum of three years

Eligible Countries: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

To be taken at (country): Candidates home country.

How to Apply: Applications must be submitted by academic institutions, such as from a PhD supervisor or departmental secretary.

Visit Scholarship Webpage for details;

Sponsor: By Microsoft Research.

Important Notes:

Only PhD supervisors should apply. If their project is selected, the supervisor has up to one year to find the best possible student for the project.

After a student is identified, the scholarship provider request a CV and two strong letters of recommendation (in English and preferably not from the supervisor) from professors who are familiar with the student’s work. The scholarship committee may decide to interview the student by telephone.

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